So what’s new in the Bingo world? Glowing! We’re putting a new twist into the traditional sense of halls around Colorado. We call it the You Glow Experience, and people are already loving it!

At Rocky Mountainshutterstock_375194671, we kept hearing the call out of “how can you guys make Bingo more appealing to the younger generation?” It only took us one trip to our sister distributorship in St. Louis to figure out the answer. They call theirs  Black Light Bash. We’ve adopted that concept and added a few twists to our program.

Traditionally, it is adding an element to the experience of Bingo. Black lights, lasers, music, video, dj, emcee and neon funk glasses to get a groups juices flowing in a fun atmosphere. Add in some fluorescent colored daubers, white bingo packs that “light up” under the UV’s and some funky bright clothing to help illuminate the players and you got a more than fun way to play Bingo! But we took it a few steps further.

We recognized the glowing part of our St. Louis trip and figured out that “You Glow” during the experience. But how do we enhance that even further? We modernize it and take it all in a funky fun direction. It’s like a pastel art party. We encourage the “new generation” bingo player to get creative with glowing. Some of our events have a paint room for players to get into “play mode”. Like abstract art to the face, arms, hands and optionally, clothing. Players get to shed their identity, party, dance, play games and win a little money in the process.

Every experience is different. We cater to what the groups want. First ingredient… glow. After that, we’re open to creating the right experience for you.