King’s Crown Ticket Dispenser

King’s Crown ticket dispensers allow you to offer a wide variety of tickets to play all the time.

Stock your King’s Crown Ticket Dispenser full with your choice of 1 window, 3 window and 5 window pull tabs, and change them as often as you like. Your players will thank you for giving them the option to purchase the tickets of their choice, and at their convenience.

King’s Crown Ticket Dispenser Features

  • Completely secure and easy to maintain
  • Quick and easy transactions
  • Compatible with a wide variety of tickets
  • Accurate sales recording for easy tracking
  • Easy access to accounting functions
  • Quick front-loading ticket slots
  • Dispenses 1, 3 and 5 window tickets directly below the column, in individual outlets
  • Variable pricing per column
  • Individual modular ticket columns are easily removable for removable for service without affecting the operation of other columns
  • Separate locks for cash and tickets
  • PIN number access for additional security
  • Menu-driven operation
  • Wall, stand or table mounting
  • Optional cabinet available

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